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What kind of choice should be made for the construction site of glass greenhouse?

    When the glass greenhouse is built, it should be located in a place with good sunshine, flat terrain, barren soil, convenient irrigation and drainage, no tall buildings and good lighting and ventilation.
    1. Lighting and ventilation premise: the sun is the primary light and heat source of the greenhouse, and the place with full lighting premise is forced to build the shed.
    2. Water level measurement: there should be abundant water source and reliable power supply in the greenhouse area. The water quality of the water supply is good, the water temperature is high in winter (the best is deep well water), and there is no harmful element.
    3. Soil quality measurement: the soil composition should be measured in advance at the initial stage of the shed construction, so as to facilitate the late use of varieties and formula fertilization.
    4. Soil and water premise: greenhouse vegetable cultivation, is usually multi stubble cultivation, so, the conditions of excellent soil and water premise.
    The construction of glass greenhouse must choose a good site, so that the later application will be better.